Few DJs on the globe - let alone China - traverse musical worlds as fluently as Knopha. It sounds like a cliche, but he is literally as comfortable smashing a warehouse rave with broken techno, as he is channeling the gentle seaside ambient vibe of his adopted hometown Xiamen. It’s with this versatility that Knopha has earned a place in the top tier of Chinese dance music.

Knopha has been quietly releasing incredible EPs and remixes as he prepares his debut LP slated for a 2023 release. He’s been invited by Ben UFO, Jamie Tiller, Pender Street Steppers and Ciel to their respective radio residencies. His remix for Japanese artist, Fujii Kaze currently has over 150,000 views on YouTube. His Nothing Nil EP on Chinese label, Eating Music quickly sold out and became highly sought after world wide. His Millennium Affair / 千禧之念 EP featuring three edits of 90s Chinese tracks got support from the likes of Objekt.

Knopha is a talent that China has been hiding for too long.

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Mixmag Asia
NTS Jamie Tiller w/ Knopha
Rinse Hessle Audio w/ Knopha

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藤井风 - Kiari (Knopha Remix) - Universal


Dizkar & 李丁丁 - 过期 (Knopha Remix) - 明堂唱片
Knopha - Grove Emulator Peach Pals Vol.2 - Peach Discs
Chari Chari - Esfera de Agua (Knopha Remix) - Seeds & Grounds
Tomggg & phritz - Love Ride (feat. Shelhiel) (Knopha Remix)
Knopha - 千禧之念 EP - 到此一游


Yu Su feat. Knopha - Xiu (宫廷 Version) - BIE Music
工工工 - 爱歌 (Knopha Remix) - Phantom Rhythm Remixed - BIE Music
Knopha - GYM EP - Egret
Michael Cignarale - She Takes Me Over (Knopha Remix) - Medusa


Knopha - Nothing Nil EP 其他音乐作品

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